mesotherapy biopuncture with syringe on woman legBiomesotherapy

Biomesotherapy stimulates the body by putting sterile saline solution (which is exactly the same as the bodies’ fluid composition) under the skin. This stimulates deeper organs systems known as cutvisceral reflex arc. Oral homeopathics are given simultaneously which focus upon the organ or tissue requiring treatment.

The needles are very fine like acupuncture needles and people are often surprised at the ease, safety and effectiveness of the treatment. They are injected subcutaneously into acupuncture points, trigger points and into the site of an injured area.

Over 70million Biomesotherapy treatments take place in Europe each year and it is a very popular form of Natural Medicine, especially with elite athletes. When serious tissue damage has occurred it is difficult to reverse the process and bring the body back into balance again. Biomesotherapy is extremely effective as it stimulates your body’s own healing capacity; therefore your body is encouraged to start the healing process.