Chronic illness

Within my practice I see a lot of frustrated and unwell people who are having numerous symptoms & getting no answers from conventional medicine.  What I can help you do is investigate & treat what might be causing your health imbalance.  Quite often it can be a combination of clinical & sub-clinical or undiscovered reasons. When discovered it can be successfully healed with the right individualised treatment program for you.

I feel very passionate about helping those with undiagnosed chronic conditions due to my own personal experience with the MTHFR gene and Lyme disease.

Many factors need to be addressed when treating chronic illness such as pH levels, immune responses, intra/extra cellular condition, detoxification/methylation pathways, genetic predispositions, symptomatic presentation, diet, lifestyle, environmental & toxic influences. From experience I have found investigating microbial infection extremely important & vital in auto-immune diseases, fibromyaligia, CFS, Bell’s palsy, Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic encephalomyelitis, Arthritis etc..

Treating the cause not just the symptoms is the key and addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is vital for recovery.
























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