In Clinic Live Blood Microscopy

In Clinic Live Blood Microscopy

Live Blood Microscopy involves an examination of your blood through an Olympus CX41 microscope.

A single drop of blood is taken from the tip of your finger and viewed through the microscope. This is shown to you on a high definition screen which will provide high resolution of the features of the blood. This technique enables the evaluation of blood features in their living state, hence the term “live blood” Microscopy.

Observations can include:

• The levels, size, shape and mobility of red blood cells (RBC’s).
• The amount, size, shape and activity levels of white blood cells (WBC’s).
• The number of chylomicron’s- fat digestion
• The size and amount as well as the adhesive properties of platelets.
• Oxidative stress
• Other elements observed are fatty deposits, uric crystals
• Microbes
Observations are compared to what is considered normal, with variations being discussed with the client as to the possible health problems and risks associated with those variations.

Live Blood Screening gives you the unique and fascinating opportunity to see your own blood cells on the monitor screen.

It is not a diagnostic, but rather a screening tool which enables me to question the person about their current health situation in order to ascertain underlying factors that may be contributing to their body being out of homoeostasis or balance.
This insight allows me to design highly individualised treatment protocols incorporating changes not only in diet and nutrition but appropriate supplements, herbal remedies or other supportive natural therapies.