Botanical Health Quality Control

In Australia, herbal and nutritional products are regulated by a Federal Government body known as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Botanical Health Herbal Liquids are manufactured by Phil Rasmussen from PhytoMed in New Zealand in a TGA/cGMP (cGMP – certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility using proven traditional methods, state of the art equipment, and extensive experience; producing an outstanding quality product, which when analysed far exceeds the highest expectations of the most demanding herbalist.

A comprehensive system of quality assurance and control, cGMP has been used by the natural medicine manufacturing industry since 1990 as a means of assuring that products have the correct identity, strength, purity, and quality.

cGMP comprises a large number of procedures and requirements including:
l Strict control of manufacturing environment, equipment, air, and water.
l Validation of equipment and processes.
l Quarantining and unique identification and testing of raw material
l Specific batch identification for easy traceability.
l Reconciliation of raw materials, product, packaging, and labels.
l Stability testing of finished product.
l Strict standard operating procedures for every aspect of manufacture.

cGMP means that:
l Herbal medicines are manufactured to the same strict quality standards as pharmaceutical medicines.
l Absolute assurance that what is purported on the label is exactly what is inside.
l Consistency in every batch – herbal medicine is manufactured to consistent, reproducible standards.
l Traceable documentation for every step of manufacture, from sourcing through to distribution. 

Raw Material Sourcing

Botanical Health’s liquid herbal extracts are manufactured from the finest raw materials, which are authenticated by independent botanists. They are extracted directly from whole plant parts using traditional methods. Botanical Health is passionately committed to bringing the highest quality raw herbal materials to the Australian market. My supplier cultivates personal relationships with renowned growers around the world to fulfil this commitment and they have a strict policy to reject material that does not meet our standards of premium quality. This directive is imperative to my supplier procedures, as we know that the strength and efficacy of any herbal extract is dependent upon the quality of the raw material that you begin with. Determinants of raw herb material quality include correct species authentication and variety or subspecies, the source i.e. country and conditions grown in, harvesting methods, time of harvesting, post-harvest processing, and age when purchased. To optimise quality my supplier deals with growers and wildcrafters directly, researches and communicates optimal growing and harvesting conditions to growers and wildcrafters, research and monitors quality during storage, and will not compromise on price for quality of raw materials.

Certified Organic Sourcing and sustainability

Botanical Health and our suppliers are committed to supporting ethical and sustainable growing methods and believes that practitioners and manufacturers share the responsibility of ensuring that medicinal plants are available for future generations. As such Botanical Health boasts a large quantity of certified organic herbs with the intention of continuing to source as many certified organic herbs where possible. Where a certified organic source is not available or appropriate, the herb’s sustainability along with the quality and quantity of active constituents within an extract remain.