image009Emotional Support

People everywhere struggle through life with traumatic and unresolved emotions. Living your life holding onto these negative emotions on a conscious and subconscious level leads to physical manifestation of ill health and may limit our unique potential.

Often our human survival mechanism can push damaging and unresolved negative emotions away, avoiding them. In severe cases traumatic incidences especially in childhood can quite often be completely erased from our conscious memory, but unknowingly will cause havoc with our lives. Evading trauma, fear, frustration, anger and grief will result in destructive behavioural patterns, lifestyle choices and dis-ease.

It is important to support and treat our mental and emotional self. Allowing ourselves to care and heal with unconditional love and acceptance. Really undeniably becoming aware and mindful of thought processes and stopping the internal bullying. It is completely possible to let go and we are only held back by the limitation we put on ourselves. Jane provides a supportive, loving and safe nurturing environment to share your thoughts and inner most concerns and life trauma. Using her skills as an Energetic and Reiki healer to help subconscious trauma to be healed and gently shifted. This allows your inner light to glow so you can simply be you.