Testing for Lyme

Lyme  and Microbial Testing

Upon consultation we can work together  to ensure you have the right pathology investigations and testing that are implicated in Lyme, Vector or Tick born disease.  There are many Immune or inflammatory markers that can be affected, so looking at these as well as pathogenic load and doing a Lyme or Microbial specific test is important for an overall health examination.

Available Lyme test kits and Pathology Forms at Botanical Health

ImmunoScience test (American Lab) – Lyme multi-peptide Igm and IgG Elisa Assay. Cost $919

Includes B. burgdorferi, B.b garinii, B. afzelii, Babesia, Echrlichia and Bartonella


Australian Biologics Lyme test (Australian Test)

EuroLine Blot Borrelia IgM/IgG 

Immunofluorescence (IIFA/IFA)
Bartonella IgM/IgG 

Chemiluminescence (CLIA)
$140 per test:

Borrelia IgM/IgG
Mycoplasma pneumoniae IgM/IgG
Toxoplasmosis IgM/IgG
C.pneumoniae IgA/IgM
Brucella IgM/IgG

Tick-Borne Encephalitis IgM/IgG (Coming Soon)


EliSpot Borrelia B31/OSP​ 

Basic Panel 

  • EuroLine Blot – Borrelia

  • CLIA – M.pneumoniae

  • CLIA – C.pneumoniae

  • IFA – Bartonella

Comprehensive Panel $999

  • EuroLine Blot – Borrelia

  • CLIA – Borrelia

  • CLIA – M.pneumoniae

  • CLIA – C.pneumoniae

  • EliSpot – Borrelia

  • IFA Bartonella

IgeniX Labs Lyme testing



Armin Labs Lyme testing



This mold mycotoxin test is done through Great Pains Labs and a referral by Botanical Health is needed


Upon consultation we can work together to ensure you have the appropriate pathology investigation and testing that is specific for you, Lyme, tick born disease.