Science has proven that deep meditation changes our bodies on a genetic level for the better.  In the extensive studies done they found genes that protect us from disorders such as pain, infertility, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis were actually switched on.  Proving that meditation can be just as powerful as any pharmaceutical medication, but without the side effects.

We have so much external business in our lives so it is crucial to stop, be quiet, relax, be peaceful, de-stress and reconnect with our inner selves to be balanced.  Meditation is an amazing tool to help quieten, strengthen and heal the mind, body and heart. Just as love opens the heart centre; with meditation you can start to open and heal yourself with silent awareness.

You eat healthy foods, you drink water, you be physical, you be creative, you be intellectual and meditation is a powerful tool to heal your body on all levels. Health benefits of meditation are huge and should be part of anyone’s health program and lifestyle. Therefore it is a dynamic and empowering healing and stress releasing experience.

Jane holds weekly meditation classes that are ½ and full guided.  Also stocking a selection of Meditation cd’s including body relaxations and healing genetical predispositions (Rayid).

Private Group and Individual Classes 
Group (If you have 3 or more people) and Private classes available.
Cost: $18 each person for group  and $50 for an individual private class

Rayid Meditations
Meditation’s developed on the Rayid philosophy, believing that we are genetically predisposed to health conditions from our parents and 12 grandparents.  This group of guided meditations uses visualisation to help heal and let go of any dis-ease within our bodies on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level.

This is a 6 week commitment of one hour group meditations each week.