For those of you who are new to Naturopathy it is a system of primary health care based upon the healing power of nature, and finding the causative function of dis-ease within the body.

It is important to recognise and remove barriers in the healing process enabling the body to heal itself and knowing what steps to take in management and prevention. People often come to see a naturopath because they are looking for holistic wellness and wanting an alternative to orthodox medical techniques.  Sometimes people find that the orthodox system hasn’t given them lasting results, many have had unwanted side effects to pharmaceutical medications; some use it in conjunction with orthodox treatments, others are just sick of treating the symptoms and not getting to the underlying cause.

Naturopathy looks at not just only clinical but subclinical symptomatic issues and helps to discover the causative effects by peeling back the layers of ill-health. It is an extremely effective modality in helping and supporting both chronic and acute conditions. Finding the root of the problem is vital for recovery and is important for restoring the body back into balance in maintaining optimal health, happiness and wellness.

Many conditions may benefit from Naturopathy include wide variety of chronic and acute ailments please do not hesitate to phone or email Jane to see if you will benefit from a consultation.

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