Nutrition and diet is discussed in each Naturopathic consultation. There are many foods that can cause inflammation and disharmony within the body; even ones that you think are healthy. Some foods can help certain conditions and many can adversely affect them.

Recognising and understanding the essential roles of vitamins, minerals, omegas, probiotics and other naturally occurring substances as supplements to be used as medicine.

We are challenged as most of our food can be contaminated by pesticides, toxins, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives; processing making them increasingly refined, genetically manipulated and nutrient deficient. Organic and home grown is the best to increase maximum nutritional value of our food, but it is not always possible and affordable.

Great nutrition is vital for our health with so many diet related disease states being present in our world today; therefore eating right is vital for your health.

Let your Food be your Medicine and your Medicine Food