“Appetite Suppressant” Helps fight your cravings!



The formula is based 100% on Fabuless ™, which is a propriety emulsion, derived from all natural vegetable oils.  Fabuless™ works in harmony with the body’s regulatory mechanism to control appetite.

The Fabuless™ microstructure is thought to delay the digestion of the core palm-oil droplets in the stomach and small intestine.  The droplets pass relatively undisturbed through the first part of the digestive tract into the latter part of the small intestine, the ileum.  Undigested fat in the ileum is recognised as a signal that the body is satisfied.  The brain will therefore be informed that there is no need to take in more food.  The fat is digested as normal further down the ileum, digestive track.  This signalling mechanism, also referred to as the “lleal brake mechanism”, causes a satiety effect, which is proven to make you eat less.

The clinical evidence behind Fabuless™ is extensive and four independent studies have been performed resulting in consistent effective results.

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100% Fabuless™