Immune Boost Plus


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Immune Boost Plus is a therapeutic plant botanical tonic that has been distilled in ethanol for potent efficacy. This formula has added Goldenseal an expensive plant botanical that is extremely effective.  A beneficial immune system tonic for both acute & chronic ill-health.  Used for persistent colds & flu’s; infections: bacterial, viral, fungal & parasitic.

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Ingredients 100ml

Goldenseal 30ml, Andrographis 40ml, Olive 15ml, Echinacea 15ml, Ethanol & Love 100%.

Ingredient 200ml

Goldenseal 60ml, Andrographis 80ml, Olive 30ml, Echinacea 30ml, Ethanol & Love 100%.


Do not use in pregnancy & if taking immunosuppressive drugs. Individuals with serious known medical conditions or symptoms persist should always consult their healthcare provider.