Immune & Vigour 200g



The list of health benefits is long, and it’s coming from the medical and pharmaceutical community, indicating that green tea in its purist form is a natural way of increasing your immunity, indicating that green tea its purest form is a natural way of increasing your immunity, energy, vigour and sense of wellbeing.  Bringing your body and mind into balance.

Teavigo® is green tea in its purest form.  Teavigo® is pure and natural EGCG from green tea, and EGCG is the most active substance in green tea.  For health-conscious consumers living a fast paced life, Teavigo® is an ancient wisdom for a modern sense of wellness.  Inspired by knowledge attained over centuries, and confirmed by the scientific community today.  It’s natural, it’s easy, and it’s available.

Teavigo® is the purest form of caffeine-free green tea extract on the market today.  To achieve the optimal benefits from ordinary green tea, it would require an intake of 4-8 cups of green tea a day.  With Teavigo®’s green tea extract, you get the same pure, natural and healthy effects, with more convenience and without the caffeine.  Taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, Teavigo® will help you feel energised, confident and provide a new sense of vitality.

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Teavigo® 23mg, Vit C 403mg, Vit D3 504iu, VitB12 12mcg, Vit E 150mg, Vit A 6300iu, Folic acid 2000mcg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 19mg, Thiamine Hydrochloride 14mg


High doses of Vitamin A should be avoided in pre conception and pregnancy.