Skin Conditions

Eczema, hives and other skin irritations can be debilitating and there seems to be an increase of cases and outbreaks over the last few years. People commonly use orthodox medicine for fast relief but it is not often effective as a long term solution, only helping symptomatically. Mainstream treatments address these conditions from the outside with various prescriptions and creams having a wide range of side effects.  It is not enough only addressing the symptoms but investigating  underlying causative factors, many of which can lead back to immune, hormones, liver, gut and digestive dysfunction. It is important to always take into consideration stress and unsettled emotions.

Many foods, the most common being wheat, dairy and nuts can have adverse effects on the body if consumed. Food intolerance testing is something that I regularly do within my practice. This simple blood finger prick tests up to 96 different common foods, 48 herbs and 16 commonly inhaled allergens that can cause IgG allergic reactions. This is essential testing for Eczema, Dermatitis, Hives and of course much more (see Naturopathic testing).