I had been unwell for 3 years with no answers from conventional medicine.  I made the right decision to go to Botanical Health and with some investigation and the correct diagnostic advice I finally got my answers.

I am now on a successful treatment plan to treat Lyme disease and feeling a lot better.
I can not thank Jane enough for what she has done for me on all levels of my health.

J xox

You are a big part of the reason I’ve decided to help others. I now realise how I was given this wonderful gift of being able to give to others and help in times of their needs and that is a great feeling. I would have not seen that in myself if it wasn’t for people like yourself.

Tammy Fletcher

I was about to do IVF as I had been trying to conceive for a while.  I decided I would have a consultation with Jane at Botanical Health and I am so glad I did.  From her professional advice and treatment plan I now have two beautiful children.
Kate Nihill, W.A.

Thank you so much for all your spiritual sharing and your wonderful healing hands. I have so enjoyed receiving all the spiritual skills that flow so beautifully from you.


Jane and Botanical Health helped me achieve my goal of having children Janes treatments and advice and assistance resulted in two beautiful girls and we can’t thank her enough. Thanks Jane xox
Lizz Lockwood, Heathfield S.A.

After many years visiting physios, chiropractors and back specialists in attempt to remedy my lower back injury sustained over 14 years ago, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jane. Jane not only has an in depth understanding of the body and mind, she is also extremely well educated in every aspect of healing. I have referred both friends and family to Jane with great confidence that they will also be fixed of any problems.

I can only imagine the discomfort that I could have avoided and the money that I could have saved if I had only met Jane earlier.

Furthermore, Jane recently conducted some hormone tests on my behalf and discovered that I had a considerable imbalance. With the hormone treatment Jane provided nearly 2 months ago, I have felt a huge improvement in my emotional state, my energy levels and general wellbeing. I am a different person today because of Jane and her amazing talent.


Nick, Hilton SA